On a Mission to Heal, Love, and Find Homes for Neglected Dogs

On a Mission to Heal, Love, and Find Homes for Neglected Dogs

A dog sitting in front of a bowl on the ground.
A puppy sitting on its back legs.

Transforming Lives Through Compassionate Canine Rescues

Compassion meets commitment at Adopt A Rescued Friend, Inc. (AARFHouston) located in the heart of Greater Houston, Texas. As a dedicated Canine Rescue situated in Greater Houston, Texas, our mission is to extend compassion to the forgotten, broken, and neglected dogs, ensuring they find loving homes. We steadfastly believe in, accepting all breeds without exception in our canine rehabilitation initiatives.

No case is deemed too severe, as we consider ourselves the healing hands for each of these deserving companions. In this noble endeavor, their fight becomes our fight. We pour our time, sweat, and tears into ensuring each canine companion gets a chance at happiness.

Your Contribution Matters

In our pursuit of aiding distressed dogs, we appreciate your consideration to contributing. For a comprehensive list of items that are consistently beneficial and urgently needed, please refer to our Donation Info. As a registered 501(c)3 organization, your donations qualify for tax deductions. We recommend consulting with your tax expert for specific guidance, ensuring your support has the maximum impact on our collective mission. Your generosity plays a pivotal role in providing these animals with the care and attention they so urgently require.

A black and brown dog with its tongue hanging out.

Our Adoption Process

Join us in the journey of finding the perfect match for your family. Our application and interview process ensure a seamless transition. Expect follow-ups, home inspections, and, where necessary, verification to guarantee the well-being of our dogs.

While we welcome all breeds, puppies under 4 months are for Houston adoptions only, adhering to Texas State law on mandatory spaying/neutering. Considering the safety of both children and our rescues, we carefully evaluate adoptions involving kids under 8.